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My name is Neville Pettersson and I have created the this site to help regular home owner’s like me make their own

energy at home. For more info about me check out the about page here. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and Pinterest.


Peter Lindemann Review

Other books by other authors include Lessons in Advanced Perception by Harold S. Schroeppel, and Real Rain Making by Trevor James Constable.

Lessons in Advanced Perception has to do with meditation and other methods of developing psychic and paranormal perception. Real Rain Making claims to document ways to engineer the weather using "etheric energy," a concept that has been rejected by modern science but that Constable claims is real. Lessons in Advance Perception is offered for $47, Real Rain Making for $37.

Also presented are the following books from White Dragon Press, a partner of A&P Electronic Publishing, all of them written by
Aaron Murakami: Ignition Secrets, How To Build a Jet Engine, The Quantum Key (a theoretical book on etheric energy), and A Course In Mind Power, about the development of paranormal abilities.

At first glance, all of this is an interesting mixed bag of ideas and techniques. Some of them are more mainstream than others, obviously.

The books by Lindemann himself seem to be fairly conventional for the most part, involving not-so-controversial methods for improving energy efficiency and the performance of batteries. Others will obviously meet with greater skepticism from many readers, particularly the works on etheric energy but also including the books on developing mind power. The theme linking them all together is that all these books present ideas and methods that have a hint of rebellion against either corporate or government authority or both.

One needs to disregard a fair amount of sales hype here (all of the above prices are presented in such a way as to make it seem like the customer is getting a fantastic deal; my suggestion is to ignore that and focus on what the book offers for the price that's actually charged).

All of the books published by A&P come with a 60-day money-back guarantee, which reduces the risk, obviously. The prices are a little steep as e-books go; even the Big 6 publishers, who overprice their e-books to keep them from competing with the hardback printed books that are the main business of these dinosaurs, generally charge well under the cheapest title offered by A&P (on the other hand, they don't guarantee refunds, either). It's up to you to decide whether the material presented here is worth the asking price, but it's an interesting web site and well worth a little exploration, in my opinion.


Books By Peter Lindemann

Peter Lindemann maintains a web site at emediapress.com, called A&P Electronic Media. It's an e-book publisher that offers books by Lindemann himself as well as several other authors.

Lindemann also maintains a web site dedicated to his e-book Save On Home Energy (save-on-home-energy.com) which describes ways to improve efficiency and save fifty percent on home heating, cooling, water heating, and electricity use. This e-book, co-authored by Lindemann and Aaron Murakami, sells for $27.

The web page for A&P electronics presents a number of books by Lindemann himself or published under the A&P Electronic Media label. Besides Save On Home Energy, these include Battery Secrets and Magnet Secrets, also by Lindemann. The first of these, Battery Secrets, discusses the problems with commercial battery rechargers. Lindemann asserts that these chargers are actually designed to reduce the life of a rechargeable battery, and he discusses what you as a battery user can do about it.

Peter Lindemann Review Battery Secrets By Peter Lindemann Classic Energy Videos By Peter Lindemann Magnet Secrets By Peter Lindemann Save On Home Energy By Peter Lindemann

The second, Magnet Secrets, is about magnets and some of their unorthodox uses. These include improving gas mileage in your car, softening water without use of chemicals, reducing refrigeration bills, and a number of other applications. Battery Secrets sells for $27, Magnet Secrets for $17.